Goldfish are members of the carp family.

Originating in China, they've been bred for over a thousand years.

Colors include gold, orange, red, white, and black.

Popular as pets in aquariums and ponds.

Memory span can last for months.

Cold-water fish thriving at 62-74°F (16-23°C).

Need proper filtration for a healthy aquarium.

Lifespan averages 10-15 years, with some living longer.

Unique respiratory system absorbing oxygen through gills and a membrane.

Omnivores, eating both plant and animal matter.

Distinctive long fins and tails.

Exhibit 'begging' behavior associated with feeding.

Can recognize and follow their owners.

Lateral line system senses water pressure changes.

Social animals preferring the company of other goldfish.

Bred into fancy varieties like fantail and oranda.

Scales can be metallic or matte depending on the breed.

Strong sense of smell and taste for locating food.

Relatively hardy, suitable for beginners.

Can produce audible sounds in response to stress or excitement.

Overfeeding can lead to swim bladder disorder.

Survive in low-oxygen environments by gulping air.

Descendants of the Prussian carp native to East Asia.

Associated with good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Come in various sizes, from micro to pond varieties.

Good color vision distinguishes different hues.

May exhibit schooling behavior when threatened.

Eat certain types of algae, contributing to aquarium maintenance.

Taste buds not only in their mouths but also on their lips and fins.

Susceptible to diseases like ich and fin rot.

Produce a considerable amount of waste, requiring regular water changes.

Symmetrical and streamlined body adapted for swimming.

Associated with cultural symbolism in art and literature.

Courtship ritual involves chasing and nudging during breeding season.